Top-opening Square boxes are ideal delivery boxes for little packages or orders. It is the best option for deliveries on motorcycles. As things can be effortlessly stacked one over the other and there is no risk of things dropping out while the box entryway is opened or closed. Top-opening boxes are generally utilized by supermarkets, Drug stores, courier organizations, and other little conveyance organizations. Top Opening Square Boxes are liked by courier services and companies that deliver small parcels because of the simplicity of stacking things one over the other without the hazard of them falling while at the same time opening the entryway.


At VD Refrigeration, we provide the best Top opening square boxes for Shopkeepers or delivery persons to parcel their small deliveries without any worries. Our products are made with the best quality and materials to provide a box that is better in every way. The opening square boxes are specially designed for small parcels, so we make sure that the item fits in the box perfectly. The opening square boxes are the best option for courier services. These boxes come with additional benefits too. The cost of these boxes is not expensive. It comes under an affordable price range.

Specification of Top opening square boxes

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