At VD Refrigeration, our group carries one more fantastic development to its customers. The conveyance bags can now be furnished with at least 1 LED light, which can be an incredible marking or promoting equipment. The 12 V Board can be associated with the bicycle’s battery or a tweaked power bank. The LED delivery bags have rock-solid straps and magnificent padding to give great solace to the rider. Conveyance bags with LED likewise upgrade the ‘well-being viewpoint’ for the rider by making him more noticeable to other street people in ‘low-light’ or dim circumstances.

It is utilized for various conveyance purposes, such as eateries, pizza conveyance, and courier services. The LED delivery bags made by VD Refrigeration are made with premium quality materials and LED lights. The bags are made of heavy-duty materials to support LED lights for a longer period. These delivery bags are insulated. They are water-resistant delivery bags which are good for the rainy season. The bags have a rigid structure for support. Let’s see some specifications about the LED delivery bags made by VD Refrigeration.

Specifications of LED delivery bags

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